The WhiteHat Portal for Developers

Synopsys will alert you to vulnerabilities in your applications either in code (Sentinel Source - static analysis) or in your production environment (WhiteHat Dynamic - dynamic analysis). In the WhiteHat Portal, you can track the vulnerabilities associated with your assets and/or specific vulnerabilities, request vulnerability retests, or ask a question directly of our Threat Research Center engineers.

Sentinel Tools


The Peer Benchmarking Dashboard is designed to show you how your overall security compares with other businesses both in your industry and globally. The measurements reflected in the dashboard include the percentage of your assets that have vulnerabilities, the average number of open vulnerabilities, the remediation rate, and how many days it takes to resolve a vulnerability, on average.

The Frameworks Dashboard is also available; for users with Maven or NuGet repositories, this dashboard will alert you to CVE alerts, commonly used frameworks, out of date frameworks, license information for your assets, and libraries used in your assets. This will generally be of greater interest to your Security and Development teams.

Vulnerability Reports

The WhiteHat Portal offers detailed Vulnerability Reports for both sites and applications (assets under WhiteHat Dynamic and Sentinel Source, respectively).


A variety of other dashboards and reports are available, as described under The WhiteHat Portal for Managers, The WhiteHat Portal for Security Teams, and The WhiteHat Portal for Administrators.

The WhiteHat Portal also offers integration with JIRA® to allow you to integrate vulnerability information into your workflow as simply and consistently as possible.