Sentinel Appliance Statuses

Sentinel appliances may be in one of five connection statuses, as you will see on the "Admin" tab under "Appliance Management."

appliance mgmt sast

Possible status types include (1) Connection Status, and (2) Migration Status.

Connection Status may be:


The appliance is able to connect.


The appliance is not able to connect.

Migration Statuses may be:

Migration in Progress:

The assets associated with this appliance are being migrated to a new appliance.

Migration in Verification:

Synopsys is verifying that the migration has completed successfully.

Migration Complete:

The assets previously associated with this appliance have been migrated to a new appliance; this appliance will soon be decommissioned and will not appear in this list.

Note that if you request Cloud Hosting (using the "Request" button under "WhiteHat Cloud Hosting") you will see the following Cloud Hosting Request Statuses:

  • Requested: You have requested Cloud Hosting for this appliance.

  • In Progress: Synopsys is establishing Cloud Hosting for this appliance.

  • Request Completed: Cloud Hosting has been established for this appliance.