WhiteHat Sentinel Services Across the SDLC

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Synopsys offers tools and services appropriate to each step of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), each of which includes verified vulnerability results. We also have several training programs designed to support a variety of different roles across your security platform, teaching your team to integrate security practices into their daily job functions. Training is available on-site, via webinars, or as computer-based training (CBT).

Application security testing (AST) products and services are designed to analyze applications for security vulnerabilities. Ideally, an application would be tested using multiple approaches to ensure its security throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Synopsys provides AST solutions to cover the entire SDLC.

Production Stage Description


WhiteHat Sentinel Source (SAST), our Static AST (SAST) technology, analyzes an application’s source code for security vulnerabilities at the development and testing phases of the SDLC.

Staging and Live Production

WhiteHat Dynamic (DAST), our Dynamic AST (DAST) technology, analyzes applications in staging and in production. We also offer API testing services.

Mobile Security

WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile, our Mobile AST, uses a combination of traditional SAST and DAST and behavioral analysis using static and dynamic techniques to discover malicious or potentially risky actions the app may be taking without the user’s knowledge.