Configuring the WhiteHat Sentinel JIRA® Plugin

After installing the WhiteHat Sentinel Plugin, new configuration options are added to the Manage apps page, as displayed below. Refreshing the Manage apps page may be necessary.

config jira plugin parent page 1
There are seven possible configurations displayed. For the Sentinel Plugin to function, the Global Settings, Workflow Settings, Sentinel Integration, and at least one asset type (DAST Settings, SAST Settings, API Settings, or MAST Settings) must be configured.
In the existing version of the plugin, if a user has DAST configured for a group in the WhiteHat Portal that contains DAST, API, or Mobile assets, then if a vulnerability is created for any of those assets, a ticket is created in JIRA. For users migrating to the new version of the plugin, if DAST is configured for that same group, only the DAST assets would sync with JIRA. API and Mobile assets must now be configured separately.

Once this process is complete, the Issues page displays vulnerability information and key WhiteHat features.