The Dashboard tab gives you an easy to understand, comprehensive and objective snapshot of your company security status and associated metrics. These aggregated results and statuses are presented in manageable chunks of visual information that enables you to see what is going well, what needs improvement, and where action is required. To access this tab:

  1. From the main WhiteHat Portal menu, select Summary.

    dashboard 1
  2. From the tabs displayed, select the Dashboard tab.

  3. From the dropdown list highlighted above, choose between the Executive Dashboard and the Peer Benchmarking Dashboard. (The content of the Frameworks Dashboard has been incorporated into the Components tab of the main menu.)

  4. Optionally you can export the dashboards to PDF or CSV files.

Dashboard Overview

The Executive Dashboard provides reports and metrics with persistence of vulnerabilities and correlation with other applications and projects. This dashboard provides not just average remediation time, but many other analytics and trends to monitor and report the overall security health for a complete application security footprint.

The Peer Benchmark dashboard provides reports and metrics detailing risks from vulnerabilities and licenses, and also peer benchmark comparison with global industries.

The content of the Frameworks Dashboard has been incorporated into The WhiteHat Portal Menu - Components.