Sentinel Menu - Summary

The Summary tab provides a single location where a user can get an overview of noteworthy issues, actions and updates/communications from WhiteHat Security. To access this tab:

  1. Log into your Sentinel account with valid credentials.

  2. From the main Sentinel menu, select Summary.

    summary tab 1

  3. From the Summary tabs displayed, select the one which you want to view. The available tabs are listed below:

    • Dashboard: This displays a summary of your security status.

    • Activity Log: This records all activity in in terms of vulnerabilities, assets, scans, and all user actions.

    • Action Items: This highlights the actions that need to be taken by the user to enable thorough testing of assets.

    • Updates This is a single location for the most current Sentinel bulletins and key communications from WhiteHat Security.

    • System Maintenance: This displays notifications regarding upcoming Sentinel maintenance.

      The Dashboard tab is displayed by default.