Binary Analysis

WhiteHat Sentinel Source will allow you to upload a binary for analysis (using the Source code archive URI type), and not just a code repository. Scanning a binary and scanning source code may reveal slightly different vulnerabilities — for instance, binary scans will generally include third party code that may be excluded from a source code scan. At this time, a given Sentinel Asset (application) can be associated only with either a binary or a source code repository or archive.

To add an application to Sentinel for binary analysis, the following steps will need to be completed:

  • Enable binary analysis in your Sentinel account (requires administrative access).

  • Create the application (in Java or C#/.Net) and compile to create binary files.

  • Upload the compiled binary files to a location that is accessible via file store, http, https, or sftp.

  • Log in to Sentinel and create a new Application asset (please see Adding an Application for Binary Analysis ).

  • When you have added the Application, add a code base as described in Adding a Binary Code base. Choose the "archive" URI type and validate the connection.

  • Ensure that the binary file(s) to be scanned, including all dependencies (libraries etc.) are available at the selected URI.

  • Schedule the first scan and verify file coverage and dependencies.