Sentinel Integration

This page allows an admin user to start and stop integration or view the plugin log files. Once all fields are populated correctly and the previous settings are saved, integration can begin.

If any changes to the settings of the Plugin are made while integration is running, you will need to stop the integration and re-start it to reflect the changed values.

To begin the initial integration process, perform the following steps:

  1. From the JIRA® System Dashboard click on the gear icon.

    config global jira plugin 1
  2. Click on Manage apps

  3. Log into an Admin account to manage the apps installed on JIRA®.

    config global jira plugin 2
  4. Click on Configure Sentinel Integration.

    config integration jira plugin 1
  5. Ensure the Delta Sync box is unchecked.

    Enabling this option only integrates new changes to the existing plugin configuration, since the last successful integration.
    config integration jira plugin 2
  6. Click Start Integration to begin WhiteHat Portal data syncing with JIRA®. This runs on the interval specified by the user.

    Once the initial integration is complete, optionally Delta Sync may be turned on. This will enable the synchronization to be run only for items that have changed since the last successful synchronization. To run a full integration again, Delta Sync will need to be disabled.
  7. To view the log files, click Refresh Log. This will display the latest one thousand lines of the log, and will automatically take you to the most recent portion of the log.

    config integration jira plugin 3
  8. If necessary, use the Stop Integration button to stop your integration. Any vulnerabilities that have been added to JIRA® will be available to you in JIRA®, but no further vulnerabilities will be added unless and until you start a new integration process.