Configuring the WhiteHat Sentinel JIRA® Cloud Plugin

After a successful API Key authentication to the WhiteHat Sentinel Cloud Plugin, the new configuration options are displayed below. Refreshing the Apps page may be necessary.

jira cloud config landing 1
  • Basic Configuration: Configure the connections between the plugin and Sentinel. Map WhiteHat Sentinel Vulnerabilities with Jira Issues, Configuration of Jira Tickets, Vulnerability Content, Scheduling Integration, Disable/Enable SAST/DAST integration.

  • SAST (Applications) Configuration: Configure the SAST interactions between the plugin and SAST Sentinel services.

  • DAST (Sites) Configuration: Configure the interactions between the plugin and DAST Sentinel services.

  • WhiteHat Sentinel Integration: Start and stop integration, or redirect to a Developer Console to monitor the plugin.