Sentinel Management Reports

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Label Field Name Description Report Purpose


The Scan Status Report will generate a .CSV report of assets, service levels, asset types, and information about the asset’s history and current scan status.

  • Detailed review of scan state, processes, and history

  • Security Operations


The Asset Permissions Report will generate a .CSV report of assets and the users who have some level of permission to access those sites.

  • Detailed review of assets and user accesses

  • Security Operations


The User Activity Report lists all activities performed by the selected user(s) over a given time period.

  • Detailed review of individual user activities

  • WhiteHat Portal Administrators


The Asset Group Mapping Report will generate a .CSV report of assets mapped to the groups to which they belong.

  • Detailed review of assets and asset groups

  • Security Operations


The URL Coverage Report will generate a report of the URLs that were included in the last scan that was completed within the selected date range, up to midnight of the day prior to your report request.

If you request the report on Tuesday, and the last completed scan finished at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, that data will be included in your report; but if the scan finished at 12:00:05 a.m. on Tuesday, that data will not be included. (Days and times all based on UTC.)
  • Detailed review of URL coverage and Security Operation

  • WhiteHat Portal Administrators


The BLA Usage Report will generate a .CSV report giving the BLA history and status for all assets, including most recent BLA ID, license type, status, scheduled date, start and end dates, any notes regarding a BLA on hold.

In order to provide excellent service, Synopsys' manual testing team can conduct a maximum number of BLAs each week. In times of high demand, especially at quarter and year ends, your Customer Support or Program Manager will work with you to help determine a scheduling plan for assessments.
  • Detailed review of BLA usage and status and Security Operations

  • WhiteHat Portal Administrators