Application File Coverage Tab

The File Coverage tab displays the available information for each library identified in the selected asset.

To access and use the File Coverage tab, perform the following steps:

  1. From the main WhiteHat Portal menu, click Assets.

    application file coverage tab
  2. Select an application from the asset list Asset Management page.(Not annotated)

  3. From the tabs displayed, select File Coverage.

  4. This table lists the Path, File Name, Extension, Language and Testing status for the files scanned.

  5. Optionally click Export CSV to export the information from the files list to a CSV file.

  6. Use the Filter icon to filter the listed Files by various criteria. This displays the following panel:

    application file coverage filter 1
    Steps Field Name Description



    The user can filter all files based off the individual file Path.


    File Name

    The user can filter all files based off the File Name.



    Filter the components based off their Extension type or name.



    You can select the Language from the drop down menu in this field. The drop down menu will appear like this:

    application file coverage filter drop down 1

    From this menu, choose which language type you wish to filter by.


    Testing Status

    You can filter this list by testing status, from the drop down menu you can choose either Successful or Failed test status.

    When a given path has a testing status of Failed you can click on the Failure icon to see a popup (shown below) with more information about the error in question, and links to further details

    application file coverage failure note



    Now select the Filter button to filter all listed files by your filters selected in the previous steps.



    Click this to clear all selected filters.

    Failure to reset the filter means that the filtered results will display the next time that you access the File Coverage tab. The filter remains in place even after logging out of the WhiteHat Portal and logging back in again. So if you have finished with the filter, use Reset button.

For additional information, please see Learn More - Java Dependencies or Learn More - C# Dependencies.