The WhiteHat Portal for Managers

Synopsys allows you to discuss risk in business terms to align with organizational goals. In the WhiteHat Portal, you can track the overall robustness of your web security with a single score, view your history and how you compare with others in your industry, and report on security issues on a high level or in detail.

You may be particularly interested in Dashboards or Reports.

About Your Dashboards

The WhiteHat Portal offers several dashboards to assist you in keeping track of your security. When you log in to Sentinel, you will find the dashboards under the Summary Tab.

The Executive Dashboard is designed to give your executive staff a quick, clear, and actionable summary of your overall security status. It will show you your total vulnerabilities, your vulnerability trends, your most common vulnerabilities, how quickly vulnerabilities are being remediated (how long the vulnerability could potentially be exploited), and assets that have assessment issues, separated by asset type (applications (static analysis) or sites (dynamic analysis).

The Peer Benchmarking Dashboard is designed to show you how your overall security compares with other businesses both in your industry and globally. The measurements reflected in the dashboard include the percentage of your assets that have vulnerabilities, the average number of open vulnerabilities, the remediation rate, and how many days it takes to resolve a vulnerability, on average. Each of those values is then compared to other businesses in your industry and to all other businesses.

The Frameworks Dashboard is also available here; for users with Maven or NuGet repositories, this dashboard will alert you to CVE alerts, commonly used frameworks, out of date frameworks, license information for your assets, and libraries used in your assets. This will generally be of greater interest to your Security and Development teams.


The WhiteHat Portal offers a variety of customizable reports; of most interest to managers and executives will probably be the Summary Reports and the Audit and Compliance Reports.

The WhiteHat Portal also offers detailed Vulnerability Reports and Sentinel Management Reports.