Customizing Your Vulnerability Results

Every business, every application, and every site have unique requirements, including security management. To accommodate those requirements, the WhiteHat Portal provides a variety of ways to reflect the unique demands of your business, whether that relates to your entire business, specific assets or groups of assets, or to an individual vulnerability identified for a specific asset. You can customize your interaction with Sentinel in several ways:

  • At the Account level, select the Rating Methodology that best matches your needs.

  • At the Asset or Asset Group level:

    • Create Custom Policies to accept certain risks for certain assets or asset groups, set your own custom risk rating or CVSS value for a given vulnerability class.

    • Set a custom Priority for an asset that will affect the Net Impact value for any vulnerability associated with that asset. The Net Impact value contributes to the final Risk Score for that vulnerability if you are using the Advanced Rating Methodology.

  • At the individual vulnerability level, you can either accept the vulnerability, customize the risk rating or CVSS score for that specific vulnerability.

Each of these actions will have a different effect on your vulnerability ratings. To understand those effects, users need to understand how vulnerability ratings are determined. To understand what changes customization will make, see the Effects of Customization.

Video Tutorial - Customizing Vulnerabilities & Creating Custom Vulnerability Policies