Managing Asset Groups

About Asset Groups

Asset Groups are groups of assets that can share users and policies, simplifying administration. Assets can be filtered by Group, allowing all members of a group to be displayed together and selected for bulk actions like setting asset phase or status, setting asset tags, or establishing scan schedules, or allowing members of a given group to be assigned to specific users or to specific risk management policies.

Group Management

Group management is available to Sentinel Administrators under the Admin tab in Sentinel, as shown below.

Under Group Management, you can add, edit, or delete groups.

group mgmt1

The Group Management table offers the following information:

  • Group Name

  • Client

  • Created By

  • Created On

  • # Users

  • # Sites

  • # Applications

The # Users, # Sites, and # Applications are links — click on the number to see the specific users, sites, or applications associated with this group.

You can filter your user list using the filter icon in the upper right. You can filter based on:

  • Group Name

  • Asset Name

  • Groups created by (user)

  • Groups created date range

To remove the filter, click on reset; to close it, click on the "x" in the upper right. If the filter is closed but active, a number will be shown next to the filter icon showing the number of active filters.

Group Details

Click on the Group Name to see or edit the Group Details, including the group name, group description, and any assigned assets.

Video Tutorial - Group Management Tab