The URL Coverage Report

The URL Coverage Report lists all URLs scanned for the asset or assets selected, including the status of each (Tested, Error, Off-Domain) and the date it was most recently scanned, giving you an in-depth understanding of the coverage for the asset(s) selected. The report can be limited by date range. You can also select particular assets to be included, and you may filter by URL (or partial URL) if desired.

Asset List

The The Attack Vector Details Report provides a list of assets included in this report, shown below.

asset list url coverage report

List of URLs by Asset

This report shows you the list of URLs scanned for each respective asset, along with their status at the time that this report was generated.

Site: testsite no login

url list url coverage report 1

Site: testsite with login

url list url coverage report 2

For more information on generating reports, please see Report Section.