Action Items

The Action Items tab lists each asset that are lacking credentials, assessment schedules, have invalid credentials and have access issues.

  1. From the main WhiteHat Portal menu, click Summary.

    action items
  2. From the Summary tabs displayed, select the Action Items tab.

  3. View the table displayed which lists the assets that require action, to allow Synopsys to fully scan the assets. You can rearrange the order of listed activities, by clicking on the Asset Name or Type column titles. This will order the activities by that heading. Clicking a second time reverses the order.

  4. To provide missing information or identify and correct mistaken information, click on the action link for the asset and issue in question. Once the issue is identified as being resolved, scanning will resume per schedule.

  5. Optionally, filter the table by performing the following tasks:

    1. Click on the Filter button.

    2. Filter by Action Items, place a tick in the checkbox beside each individual filter that you wish to use, or select an entire filter group by placing a tick in the corresponding checkbox. You can select as many, or as few filters as you require to filter your list of assets.

      action items filter
    3. Select the Asset Type and or enter the Asset Name to filter for a specific Asset.

    4. Select the Filter button to filter all listed activities by your filters selected in the previous two steps.

    5. Click Reset to clear all selected filters.

      Failure to reset the filter means that the filtered results will display the next time that you access the Action Items tab. The filter remains in place even after logging out of the WhiteHat Portal and logging back in again. So if you have finished with the filter, use Reset.
  6. Optionally, click the Export CSV to export all your action items list to CSV format. Alternatively you can filter your results first and then export your refined results.