Navigating in Sentinel

Sentinel is organized into a main menu and when items in the main menu are selected, they expand into various tabs and pages focused on particular tasks or roles.

sentinel main menu

Sentinel’s main menu includes:

  • Summary, which includes the dashboards, action items, activity log, and update and maintenance tabs

  • Assets, which lists all your assets with key data and links

  • Components, which displays the Overview and Component Analysis tabs.

  • Findings, which lists all the findings for your assets, with key data and links

  • Reports, which contains all standard Sentinel reports by type, with examples, and allows you to create one-off or recurrent reports and review past reports

  • Admin, where the Sentinel Administrator can manage assets, users, groups, rating methodology, risk policies, and appliances, and review licenses available and assigned; the admin tab also allows the admin to control account-level choices such as allowing binary scanning or directed remediation.

On the Sentinel main menu, Summary is displayed by default when you log into Sentinel.