Enabling Directed Remediation

Synopsys can provide directed remediation advice in the form of patches you can review, download or copy, or use as a basis for your own code. If directed remediation is available for a given vulnerability and has been enabled as described below, the patch will be available to developers, saving them time and effort. For additional information, please see "Using Directed Remediation."

A client administrator may enable directed remediation for an account. Only a user with administrator privileges may enable directed remediation. To enable directed remediation, go to the Account Overview page.

At the bottom of the Account Overview page you will see the "Configure Account" section, which has the "Enable Directed Remediation" checkbox.

Click on this checkbox, and a second confirmation box will appear, where the admin must confirm your acceptance of the Directed Remediation Terms.

Once directed remediation has been enabled, you will be able to view content for directed remediation, download patches, etc. as described in "Using Directed Remediation."