API Scan Tab

The API Scan tab provides information on the initial assessment, current scan status, scan speed, links tested, and credentials used in testing.

api scan tab

Field No.

Field Name



Scan Schedule

Schedule a scan for the API.


Scan Now

Select to start a scan of the API. A confirmation dialog is displayed before the scan begins.


Scan Status

Shows the status of the current scan. This status may be Paused for Schedule, Scan Completed, Scan Running, Scanning w/o Credentials (no working credentials available), or WHS Updating Configuration (Synopsys may pause scanning from time to time to update the configuration of the scanner).


Scans Completed

This notes the number of scans that have reached completion in the period named.


Scan Schedule

This is the name of the scan schedule associated with this API.


Maximum Scan Speed

The number of requests per second that the scanner will not exceed while scanning this API.


Last Completed Scan

The completion date for the most recently completed scan.


Endpoint Information

Endpoint information provides a count of the endpoints tested in the last completed scan and in the current scan. Clicking on either of these links takes you to a searchable list of the URIs for the pages in question.


Open Vulnerabilities - Verified

A count of the vulnerabilities found that have been verified by TRC.