Sentinel Mobile Onboarding

If you prefer to read the entire WhiteHat Portal Onboarding section in PDF format, you can view or print here.

Required Information

For onboarding your mobile analysis services, we need to know the following information:

  • Project files for your Mobile Application(s)

    • Source code

    • Build files

Our TRC engineers will need your application’s project files, including source code and build files. You can upload these files to the SFTP account we create for you. Our Mobile Assessment Team securely downloads these files to conduct the assessment, and deletes them permanently when the assessment is complete.

Service Delivery Timeline and Setup

  • SFTP Account Setup (1 Business Day)

    Our Service Deployment Team will create an account for your team on our SFTP server and provide you with access details. This is where you’ll need to upload your application’s project files.

  • Assessment (10-15 Business Days)

    During this time, TRC engineers will be assessing your mobile application for vulnerabilities.