Checking Sentinel Appliance Health

You can view appliance health metrics by querying the Health endpoint for an appliance. The metrics provide basic connectivity information, such as:

  • If the appliance is running.

  • If the appliance is connected to WhiteHat’s controller.

DAST and SAST appliances expose the Health endpoint on ports 9100 and 9200. Information is provided as Prometheus metrics in TSDB format (see Data Model in the Prometheus documentation). To convert TSDB metrics to JSON, you can use prom2json or a similar tool.

Querying the Health Endpoint for an Appliance

  1. Send a request to the Health endpoint, specifying the IP address of the appliance in the request URL:

    $ curl http://<appliance_ip>:9100/metrics
  2. If the request was successful, the Health endpoint returns a list of health metrics and descriptions. For example:

    # TYPE appliance_apt_version gauge
    appliance_apt_version 1.617
    # HELP appliance_controller_connected Metric read from /textfiles/health.prom
    # TYPE appliance_controller_connected gauge
    appliance_controller_connected 1
    # HELP appliance_controller_tunnel_up Metric read from /textfiles/health.prom
    # TYPE appliance_controller_tunnel_up gauge
    appliance_controller_tunnel_up 1
    # HELP appliance_uptime_seconds Metric read from /textfiles/health.prom
    # TYPE appliance_uptime_seconds gauge
    appliance_uptime_seconds 73227

Use the information to assess the health of the appliance.

Connectivity information from the Health endpoint is in addition to the appliance management options available in the console.

If you need additional help with monitoring the health of your appliance, please contact the Customer Support team at