Managing Your Applications

From the Assets tab in the WhiteHat Portal you can manage your Applications and the following associated aspects:

  • Asset status

  • Naming the application

  • Setting the application language (or setting the language to Discover)

  • Setting up the code base(s) and deciding on a scan schedule

  • Setting up the application policy

  • Editing application information

WhiteHat Sentinel Source can be used to evaluate either code in a repository or code base or a binary file, if binary analysis has been enabled for the account. For more information on this, please see Sentinel Source Binary Analysis.

If you click on an application name, the Application Overview page will be displayed. From there, you can view the details of the application, including:

  • Application name

  • WhiteHat Asset ID

  • Your Custom Asset ID

  • Asset Owner

  • Asset Phase

  • Language

  • Associated Satellite and Satellite Status

  • Users who have access to this Asset

  • Timezone

  • Codebases associated with this Asset

You can also access the Application’s Scan, Findings, Activities, Library, and File Coverage information.

Video Tutorial - The WhiteHat Portal Asset Tab