WhiteHat Portal Onboarding

If you prefer to read the entire WhiteHat Onboarding section in PDF format, you can view or print here.

Synopsys' Customer Success unit will work with you to get your WhiteHat services up and running as quickly as possible, so that your web assets are being properly scanned and you are receiving accurate security information. The WhiteHat Portal Onboarding Processes document will outline how the onboarding process will work, and what you can do to expedite it.

Additional information about onboarding and about making the best use of Sentinel and Sentinel Source is available in our Customer Success Center; login information for the Customer Success Center will be sent to you in email on your contract start date. The Customer Success Center provides ready access to the customer success team, to your tickets, to Q&A information, and to downloadable reference and training material (including all user guides).

You will receive several emails from the WhiteHat Service Deployment Team on your contract start date—one providing you with your WhiteHat Portal interface login information, one providing your Customer Success Center login information, and one asking to schedule an introductory call. For that call, we will be asking you for the following information:

Service Information Required

Sentinel Source (SAST)

  • Source Code Repository and type(s) (e.g. SVN, CVS, Perforce) or Source Code Archive

  • URI(s) of the repositories or archives and any associated code bases

  • Read-only credentials or certificate information

WhiteHat Dynamic (DAST)

  • Web application hostnames and any associated host names (if there are more than ten associated hostnames needed for a given asset, special arrangements will be required)

  • Web application credentials (one primary set with the highest available level of access and one backup set):

    • Any multi-factor authentication information

    • For PE licenses, two additional test accounts for each user level are needed for business logic testing

  • Weekly assessment schedule(s) (continuous, evenings and weekends, or specified days and times)

Sentinel Mobile

  • All project files for your mobile application(s), both source code and build files

  • Two sets of credentials

The better prepared you can be at the beginning of the onboarding process, the more quickly the Synopsys team can get your scan services running in a continuous mode. For more details on the above information requirements and/or instructions for onboarding your assets, see the following sections: