Application Component Analysis Tab

The Component Analysis tab displays the available information for each library identified in the selected asset.

To access and use the Component Analysis tab, perform the following steps:

  1. From the main WhiteHat Portal menu, click Assets.

    component analysis tab 1
  2. Select an application from the asset list Asset Management page.(Not annotated)

  3. From the tabs displayed, select Component Analysis.

  4. This table displays each Library/Framework assigned to the asset, you will see the Age, the current Version, the type of License, CVE, the Source location and the Total number of items.

  5. Optionally, click the Export CSV to export the information from the files list to a CSV file.

  6. Use the Filter icon to filter the listed components by various criteria. This displays the following panel:

component analysis filter
Steps Field Name Description



The user can filter all components based off the individual Framework name.


Released Date Range

Select a Date Start and Date End to define a date range for your search. Click in each date field and use the calendar pop-up to help you select the correct dates. Leave these fields blank to ignore the date filter.



Filter the components based off their License type or name.



If you know the CVE number of the components you wish to view enter it in this field to filter by CVE.


Source File

To view components from only one Source File location, enter the file location here to filter by Source File location.


Source Type

You can select the Source Type from the drop down menu in this field. The drop down menu will appear like this:

component analysis source type filter

From this menu choose which source type you wish to filter by.



Now select the Filter button to filter all listed components by your filters selected in the previous steps.



Click this to clear all selected filters.

Failure to reset the filter means that the filtered results will display the next time that you access the Component Analysis tab. The filter remains in place even after logging out of the WhiteHat Portal and logging back in again. So if you have finished with the filter, use Reset button.