Managing Your Mobile Applications

WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile Application Security Testing combines dynamic and static automated scanning, as well as optional manual mobile application-layer penetration testing by the expert security engineers at our Threat Research Center (TRC).

Sentinel Mobile Standard Edition (SE)

The Sentinel Mobile Standard Edition (SE) provides analysis of developer-signed binaries, assesses mobile web view applications and includes the following:

  • Platform and language agnostic

  • Supports iOS and Android

  • Fast results with binary scans ready to go to market or code in development

  • No source code required, but it can be automated into the CI/CD environment

All cloud upload scan results are deleted after 15 days, regardless of success or failure, and the Asset Management page displays the last five scan results.

Video Tutorial - The WhiteHat Portal Asset Tab

The Sentinel Mobile Business Logic Assessment (BLA)

The Sentinel Mobile BLA provides hands-on mobile application penetration testing, including data flow analysis and dynamic testing between the client and server:

  • Deeper cryptography-related checks

  • Analysis of client and server interaction

  • Review of application business logic and workflows

  • Deeper application-layer penetration testing of information storage and data leakage

  • Inter-process communication checks

To request a Mobile BLA:

  1. Download the following PDF, which includes information fields that you must populate:

  2. Populate all the editable fields in the downloaded PDF and save the changes locally.

  3. Email the PDF as an attachment to the Synopsys Customer Support team here.