Remediating Vulnerabilities

Each vulnerability in the WhiteHat Portal has a detailed description and solution displayed on the Vulnerability Detail page. Vulnerabilities in sites and vulnerabilities in applications both have this information. To access the Vulnerability Detail page, perform the following steps:

  1. From the main WhiteHat Portal menu, click Assets.

    remediating vuln findings 1
  2. Select an Asset from the table.

  3. Click on Findings.

    remediating vuln findings 3
  4. Select a vulnerability from the findings table.

  5. Select the remediating function that you require.

    1. Select Attack Vectors to view the attack vector details. Optionally select the Vector ID to view the Vector Detail page.

      remediating vuln findings 4
    2. Select Description & Solution to view comments from our TRC developers. This includes Custom Description, Class Description, Custom Solution and Class Solutions.

      remediating vuln findings 5
    3. Select Ask a Question to forward any questions to the TRC at Synopsys, type the question in the text field and select Submit to send the question.

      remediating vuln findings 6
    4. Select Vulnerability History to view the previous activity of the vulnerability.

      remediating vuln findings 7

Vulnerabilities in source code identified by Sentinel Source may have associated directed remediation/patch suggestions. See Using Directed Remediation for Sentinel Source for more information.