Adding an Application for Binary Analysis

To add a new application, click on the “Add Asset” button in the Assets tab and select "Application."

The Add Application page will ask first for the application name, language, and associated appliance name.

add application screen 1

Note that the language you select determines what engine will be run when your code is scanned. For a binary file, please select "Discover."

Entering Codebase Information

Click on "Next" to enter Codebase information. You will be asked for the Codebase name, URI type (repository or archive), Source code management system (if using a repository), URI path, authentication type, and authentication information (username and password or certificate). Once you have entered this information, you can validate the connection to the codebase.

add codebase initial screen

Please ensure that the binary files to be scanned, including all dependencies (e.g. libraries) are available at the selected URI.

You may rename the file on upload, but the file extension must be included in the name.

Once you have entered all information, click on Validate to validate the repository connection; click on "Save" to save the code base for this application.

To establish the scan configuration and scan schedule for your new application, click on Next.

Entering Scan Configuration and Schedule

The final step is to configure your scan information and scan schedule.

configure scan and schedule

Scan Profile

Under Scan Profile you can select the default profile (recommended in most cases), the Static Code Analysis only (SCA) profile, or the Web, Mobile, or Desktop Application profile.

Exclude Files

Under Exclude Files, you can provide a comma-separated list of files that should not be included in the scan.

Upload Configuration File

Under Upload Configuration File, you can choose a configuration file type (e.g. Maven, Gradle, NuGet, NPM, or Bower) and then upload an appropriate file.

Configure Schedule

Under Configure Schedule, you can set the scan schedule for this application. Options include Daily or Weekly scans.

Finalizing the New Application

When all the above has been completed, click on "Create Now" to create your application.

You will see the application you have created listed in the Asset Management page.

Select the new application to see the Application Overview page.