Adding an Application

To add a new application, click on the “Add Asset” button in the Assets tab and select "Add Application."

add site app sca

The dropdown menu offers 3 choices: Add Site, Add Application, and Add Application (SCA). If you choose Add Application, the next screen allows you to select the service level you want to assign to this application: SE or EE.

The Add Application page will ask for the asset (application) name, the associated appliance name, and language.

add app eenew

Note that the language you select determines what engine will be run when your code is scanned. If you make an error in this selection, the scan will complete without identifying any errors; however, the TRC engineer responsible for the post-scan analysis may observe and correct the error.

If you are uncertain of the language, you can select "discover" and Sentinel will attempt to determine the language being used when the assessment begins.

(For specific information on our support for Javascript, please see Javascript Support.)

Click on "Create Application." You will see the Application Overview page for the application you have created.

When you are creating an asset, you must validate the codebase connection by clicking "Validate Codebase Connection" or a pre-scan cannot be done. However, the asset can be created.

If there are 0 lines of code, the application will not be created.

asset overview
app detail screen new

From this page, you may:

1. Customers may create up to twenty (20) code bases per application; if additional code bases are required, please contact