Account Overview - General Tab

The Account Overview tab is only available to users with Admin permissions associated with their account.

Asset Owner Settings

When the Asset Owner is set to always be the Primary Contact, altering the Asset Owner also changes the Primary Contact. If the Asset Owner is not set to always be the Primary Contact, the Primary Contact remains the person who created the Asset and will not change regardless of who the Asset Owner is.

Following the activation of this feature, a sync will not occur until the next Sentinel Asset Owner change.

Configure Asset Owner Settings

To configure the Asset Owner Settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign into Sentinel using a user account with associated Admin permissions.

  2. On the main Sentinel menu, click the Admin tab.

    account overview general 1
  3. From the Admin menu, click the Account Overview tab.

  4. In the Account Overview menu, by default the General tab is displayed.

  5. Select Yes.

    account overview general 2
  6. Click Confirm.

  7. A confirmation banner at the top of your page confirms that the feature has been enabled.

    account overview general 3