About WhiteHat Dynamic

WhiteHat Dynamic accurately identifies and verifies vulnerabilities in your websites and web applications. WhiteHat Dynamic is a highly scalable Software-as-a-Service platform for dynamic application security testing (DAST). WhiteHat Dynamic provides:

  • Continuous, concurrent assessments

  • Verified, actionable results

  • Unlimited access to security experts

  • Reporting and Intelligence metrics to support business risk management


What service level do you need for a site?

Each service level in WhiteHat Dynamic is appropriate for different types of sites and/or purposes.

WhiteHat Dynamic BE

The Basic (BE) service level is ideal for site discovery and for static sites.

WhiteHat Dynamic SE

The Standard (SE) service level is appropriate for permanent websites that use multi-step forms and logins but are not necessarily mission-critical for your business.

WhiteHat Dynamic PE

The Premium (PE) service level is appropriate for complex mission-critical sites. It includes all the testing involved in the Standard service level, with the addition of business logic testing. PE is particularly appropriate for sites with rigorous compliance requirements and/or very complex interactions.

Do you want to integrate with JIRA(r) to assign vulnerability tickets to developers?