Sentinel Plugin for Eclipse


The Eclipse plugin for WhiteHat Sentinel will allow you to review the Sentinel vulnerability data directly from Eclipse 4.4, 4.5, or 4.6. You can download the plugin and these installation instructions from the WhiteHat Security Customer portal under the Documentation and Tools tab; scroll down to the subsection on "Sentinel Integrations and Plugins" and select the appropriate IDE Plugin Package.

To install the WhiteHat Plugin for your Eclipse IDE, open your Eclipse IDE and select "Install New Software" under the "Help" tab.


You will see the Available Software selection screen:

screenshot 1474502400

Make sure that the "Group Items by Category" checkbox is unchecked; then click on "Add" and choose either "Archive" (to install directly from the zipped file) or "Local" (to install the uncompressed file) in the "Add Repository" popup:

add repository

Select the location of the plugin file and click on "open."

Enter a name for your repository and click "OK"

eclipse work withscreen

Select "WhiteHat Plugin" from the "Available Software" list (as below) and click on "Next."

eclipse ide available list

Review the items to be installed and click on "Next."

Accept the license terms (see link in popup) and select "Finish."

You may see a Security Warning for unsigned content:


Click OK.

Once installation is complete, you will be invited to restart Eclipse.


Please select "Yes." It is necessary to restart your IDE to enable you to use the plugin.

When you launch Eclipse after restarting, you will see the WhiteHat logo (wh logo in eclipse)somewhere in your menu ribbon.

Click on the logo to launch the plugin, and you will see the WhiteHat IDE Plugin frame in Eclipse.

See Using the WhiteHat Sentinel Eclipse Plugin for more information. To update the plugin to the latest version, please see Updating the WhiteHat Sentinel Eclipse Plugin.